We don't know about you, but we're still recovering from Lollapalooza u2014 to the point where we have a nice date with our couch planned for the (entire) weekend. While it's nice that we have the luxury to relax, the bands that rocked our world are already off and running againu2014 including Jessie Ware, the Brit songstress and Lolla performer we had the pleasure of chatting with between scouring for the best dressed at the fest. She's known for her 2012 hit single "Wildest Moments," which just so happened to make it as the theme song for a Durex condom commercial u2014 atta girl! But in case you're not familiar, read on to see what our latest girl crush has to say about food, fashion, and what she wants you to do when you hear her music.

Tell us a little bit about how you got your start?</strong>n
n"I was really lucky, actually. I started as a backup singer for a friend and he kept asking me to go on the road and travel and perform at festivals u2014 it was really great fun. It finally got to the point where he asked me to go on a tour to America, so I had to quit my real job [working at a television production studio conducting journalistic research]. I told myself I'd give it a year to see if it'd work Valentino Shoes out. It kept on working out and eventually I got signed and had the chance to do an album and work with some really wonderful people.

Your music style has been categorized several ways u2014 from pop soul to trip hop. How would you describe it?</strong>n
n"I think I would probably describe it as British electronic soul. I'm very proud to be British and I'm also mad about soul, but I want to keep it modern with the electronic Valentino Shoes Sale aspect."

What would you like your listeners to get out of your lyrics?</strong>n
n"I think I would like people to get out of my music a bit of romance...a bit of nostalgia. My song "Wildest Moments" just got used in a Durex commercial. I've been banging on about how I really want people to have sex to my music, so this is something I'm very happy about."


What are your impressions about the Windy City?</strong>n
n"I've been here quite a few times, actually. I came her to visit my sister (actress Hannah Ware) when she was filming the television show Boss. I played here back in January and that was wonderful. Chicago has some really grand architecture. The food is good u2014 I need to try and remember the name of this pizza place I ate at. It was http://www.valentinosales.com/ so good man. I think it's one of my favorite cities in America. Great music, too.